Thursday 11 May 2006

Vocabulary quiz

Ten of these words are from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian (1985), and ten are from Arthur Golding’s translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (1567):
  1. chank
  2. debouched
  3. flacker
  4. gnoor
  5. gripple
  6. malpais
  7. merry-go-down
  8. orpid
  9. overdreep
  10. pulque
  11. raggletag
  12. scrappled
  13. smelterlights
  14. snudge
  15. spanceled
  16. starsprent
  17. surbated
  18. toper
  19. throatboll
  20. woodspeck

Wednesday 26 April 2006

Installing Hobix

After a couple of hours of fussing with the CSS and figuring out how the templates and libraries work, I am reasonably satisfied with this Hobix installation. A few things about RedCloth irritate me—such as its occasional inability to distinguish between two em-dashes and a deletion—but they are minor aspects of the implementation—I like Textile very much. And YAML feels wonderful after years of dealing with completely inappropriate applications of XML.